Challenging Generational Beliefs about Success


It was the spring of 1985. It was a time of incredible pressure, stress, and change for my family. My father, the sole breadwinner, abandoned us earlier in the year to pursue a romantic affair. My mother had to give up her dreams to support us financially. Times were tough. The telephone company was finally getting the mountain wired for communication. It felt like possibility awaited on the horizon. I marveled at the idea of having a telephone in our humble wooden casita.

Hungry for More

Creative as I am, I began making bracelets with my beautiful color wire supply; Colorful wired bracelets in orange, red, white, teal, and blue. I added necklaces shortly after. I proudly wore my creations to school and developed a following from my peers at school.

Generational Poverty and Mindset

Having grown up poor and having experienced many hardships, my mother had a set of beliefs that she passed on and ultimately influenced my thinking and behavior. Generational poverty has a long-lasting impact on your mindset about success and wealth.

Generational Pressures

The pressure of being the hope for my family, being the “smart one,” pushed that entrepreneurial spirit aside. I falsely believed that I needed the security of a steady job and a “good profession” to succeed. Risk-taking was discouraged. On paper, I’m successful. I have a professional degree and a good job. Personally, however, I have often felt like a failure. These generational beliefs about success and wealth had kept me anchored and stuck for a very long time.

Challenging Beliefs

I have been working on challenging old belief systems about success and wealth. I have been growing and doing lots of learning over the past several years. I have also let go of the idea of having to take care of others. I have begun to prioritize my dreams and my own little family (my daughter and me).



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I write about all things, professional, personal development and personal wealth.