Loving my chin hairs

Accept Discomfort

I’m a forty-five-year-old woman, midway into my 40 something journey. My body has changed. My skin no longer has a youthful glow, and I am starting to see some wrinkles. I have lost some hair on my head and gained some hair on my chin. It has been quite the trip. But there’s clarity that comes with getting older. I’ve learned to accept discomfort and embrace my vulnerability.

Don’t get anchored in fear.

In the past, this type of scenario would send me down this thought spiral. “People will know just how much weight I’ve gained.” “They’ll see me, and they won’t like me. They’ll see the real me and won’t like me.” But in my mature years, I’ve learned to quiet this voice.

Take Action

Three years ago, I ended up in the emergency room. I thought I was going to die. After two rounds of iv fluids and some antibiotics, my ER doctor sat on my bed and asked, “How are you really doing?” Already feeling vulnerable from being in the hospital I shared that I was unhappy at my job and my life’s general direction. My doctor listened and helped me unload the burden I was carrying. Sharing my vulnerability with this person helped me gain perspective. There is nothing like the fear of death to propel you into action. It was then that I decided to stop playing it safe and lean into my vulnerability.

Let the world see you.

Since this moment years ago, I’ve taken other risks, i.e., this article. I’m no longer using fear as a shield. I am learning to accept changes, chin hairs, and all. I’m learning to allow the world to see me, but best of all, I am embracing my vulnerability.



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